About Me

Hello and welcome!

This blog began with the intention to document my ‘journey towards becoming a clinical psychologist’, but I’ve taken a U-turn. After spending (just!) a year working in the CBT-lite world of IAPT, and often failing my treatment assessments (but consistently getting high ‘recovery rates’…), I realised that the CBT world is not for me. And since clinical psychology courses are mostly CBT-plus-one I realised that I’d probably find the Doctorate even more against my nature than I found the PWP course.

So, I must say that I’m feeling a little adrift without a clear long-term goal to work towards, but there is also a wonderful weight off my shoulders knowing that I can now try to carve out a path for myself that better suits my temperament and ‘philosophy of life’, shall we say.

I’ve just started a new job as a Research Assistant, and still in the mental health world, but in my spare time I have returned to exploring where I think my real pleasures lie – in poetry, literature, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. I don’t know what will come of it yet, perhaps teaching, perhaps more research, but I will continue to use this blog as a space to chart my thoughts and plans.

The blog’s name will stay as For Dora, because I’ll continue to read and think and write about psychoanalysis (and Freud’s case study does still ruffle my feathers – see this blog post for more detail) but the assonance also hints at what I think I’ve been in love with all along! Words and poetry. So there’ll be more on that to come.

I hope you’re all well. Please reach out if you’d ever like to chat!

(Twitter: @fordorablog or email: for-dora@outlook.com)